When that time comes when you’re starting a new family, wondering when your child should start an early childhood program, or just hoping to select the right educational environment, Spring Ahead Children’s Academy is here for you! 

Each of our programs are packed with fun and designed with safety and education in mind. The following is the process for enrolling your child(ren) in our program.


If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren) at Spring Ahead, the first thing we need to do is check if we have availability. If there is a waiting list for a classroom, you can secure the next available space by paying the registration fee and placing your name on the list. The Director will continue to stay in contact with you and when an opening becomes available, the Director will contact you immediately!


Upon appointment only (and symptom-free), you will be invited to tour our school classrooms and playground area. Feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind. We are excited to learn more about your family’s needs and how we can help to support them!


We fully understand that this is an important process as you decide who will care for your little ones when you cannot. Any question is a good question! Feel free to email or call the Director if you think of something on the drive home or later that evening. Spring Ahead Children’s Academy is here to support our community!


Spring Ahead is accepting full-time families!

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For inquiries about our academy or interest in employment, please send an email to learn@springaheadchildrensacademy.com